Dipl.-Ing. Walter Rieger and Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Sonnleitner founded NET-Automation in July 2007. Both business partners have many years of professional experience in various areas of technology.


„ALL IN ONE“ – As our motto indicates, the client benefits from having his/her entire project handled by one professional team. NET-Automation assumes responsibility for all stages of the order – from concept development to start-up all the way through follow-up services. Furthermore, the client can rely upon a team of specialists in their individual fields. The team currently consists of eight full-time and two part-time employees as well as eight team members with service contracts. NET-Automation internationally implements projects in the core areas of automation technology (heavy/mechanical engineering); process optimisation; wireless technology; electronic device development; test-bench setup; electronic project planning; and metering technology.  


Walter Rieger

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Rieger

Walter Rieger has been commercial managing director of NET-Automation GmbH since July 2007. 

 „Our decades of experience in the industry provide a basis for the successful implementation of our clients’ individual projects. Particularly in the field of wireless technology, we have developed innovative products and marketed them widely. In the future, we will continue to invest in research and development in order to be able to respond even better to our customers’ needs and to further advance the growth of NET-Automation.“


Automation   Process optimation   Wireless technology   Electronic device development
  → Overall project planing       → Activity analysis       → Wireless automation       → Industrially consistent device  
  → Control and regulation technology       → Investigation of increase       → Wireless acuator and        development  
  → Drive technology        in production        sensor technology       → Client-specific solutions  
  → Condition monitoring       → Reduction of reject cost       → Smart Sensor Technologien       → Encasement design  
  → Datalogging and reporting       → Interface to ERP systems       → F&E       → R&D  
  → Start-up       → Start-up                  
  → On-site customer service       → On-site customer service                  
Test bed construction   Electric project planning   Metering technology        
  → Conception       → Conception       → Measurement of flow          
  → Mechanical construction       → Creation of circuit diagram       → Volume flow measuring          
  → Hydraulic construction       → Part list       → Heat flow volume measuring          
   of control circuits       → Marshalling panel       → Float element measuring system          
  → Electrical construction       → Schematic diagram       → Inductiv- and ultrasonic          
  → Integration of test run in       → Cable list        measuring instrument          
   ERP systems       → Assambling                  
  → Start-up       → Start-up                  
  → On-site customer service       → On-site customer service                  



Product data sheets

Wireless sensors

Wireless data reader














Automation technology (heavy/mechanical engineering)
NET-Automation designs comprehensive solution concepts that are specifically tailored to the client’s individual requirements. In close cooperation with the client, we prepare the system specifications, the system design, the planning and implementation as well as the on-site start-up.

Process optimisation
In this area, we focus on capturing and providing interfaces for ERP systems, evaluating production statistics and resultant production optimisation. The decades of experience in the industry that NET-Automation employees bring to the table provide the basis for fulfilling the clients’ high expectations and for successfully implementing their projects.

Wireless technology
Thanks to specific development work, NET-Automation is a specialist for wireless data transmission technology. By continuously investing a great deal in research, we create innovative solutions – based on economic principles – which prove to be valuable in practical daily use. For instance, in the field of agricultural technology, our company actualized pump control systems that can be controlled wirelessly from a distance of about 15 kilometres. Along those lines, wireless technology systems constitute the prerequisite for flexibly controlling and regulating out-of-the-way weir plants and trash rack cleaning machines at hydroelectric plants.

Electronic device development
Close cooperation with the client is a prerequisite for developing a new device. Together with the client, NET-Automation specifies the technological requirement profile and designs the implementation of all performance characteristics. The outcome is a comprehensive overall concept complete with a circuit diagram and layout. For industrial use, emphasis is placed on design consistent with EMC. Additionally, at the client’s request, our company assumes responsibility for the following tasks: programming inserted micro controllers in ANSI C, fitting prototypes with components, organizing and handling the serial production as well as the design of the device’s encasement.

Test-bench setup
Test-benches are used in various fields. The scope of delivery includes the entire mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic construction complete with the manufacturing and assembly of the entire unit at the client’s location. In parallel with the manufacturing process, the software for the operation and controlling application is designed and a test protocol, which is also filed in a database system, is generated. In order to optimise the production stages, test procedures in SAP or another ERP system are included. Thus, NET-Automation guarantees its clients the highest cost efficiency.

Electronic project planning
NET-Automation sees its clients through the entire process of electronic project planning and, thus, ensures the highest efficiency in all implementation stages. The stages include planning, the design of circuit diagram, the list of parts, the cable diagram and the assembly plan as well as the outsourced manufacturing of the electrical enclosure. Simultaneously, the software is designed in-house. After assembly and the start-up, our company supports its clients with maintenance and help with technical difficulties.

Metering technology
The service profile of NET-Automation includes systems for the flow and volume flow measurement of solid and liquid substances based on variable area flow measuring systems, inductive measuring systems and ultra-sound measuring systems. Additionally, we calculate deducible data such as heat and implement them into the client’s existing system. We file the measuring data in a database and process them for analysis purposes.



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